Let the warm water completely surround you. With your eyes closed you feel caressed by a wave of energetic attention. Thanks to the fluid movements you become lighter, your fatigue starts to melt …

You are gently rocked in the water and your body relaxes. Your back meridians are also massaged, your body is stretched very carefully. In this way your stress disappears on the rhythm of your breathing, which becomes longer and deeper.

Your body does its own thing: elbows and knees float outside of you, your hands in infinity, maybe you start to dream. Like a mermaid in the warm ocean. Some see beautiful colors and feel completely at peace. Or … everyone is different and experiences his/her own blissful relaxation.

After the Wata treatment you return to the world with a big smile, your batteries are fully recharged. With your eyes closed, you can reminisce for a long time the touching wata experience at the edge of the pool. Of:  the beneficial effect of the wata experience.

Wata can take place in a public or private bath, or even on a holiday in the South of France: see you soon!