A first acquaintance can be arranged by e-mail or the fill-in form of this website. By telephone is also possible after a first e-mail: in this way I am better prepared to write down your information. (Please, send a message: maybe I am treating, driving…).

During our first conversation we get acquainted and you can share what your wishes and limits are.

Payment Cash before treatment, so you can stay in your daze after the treatment. No bankcontact.


Massage by appointment.
Requirements massage and / or introduction: loose clothing.
Each massage is rounded off with a head massage. 
Massage is also possible on location: at your home, at a nice place … 


€ 20.0 : 30 minutes 
€ 40.0 : 1 hour.

Massage by appointment and after an introduction (see above).

€ 60.0 : Full body (relaX massage: 1.5 hours)
Massage is also possible on location: at your home, in a nice place of your choice …
Oil: or you can buy sweet almond oil in the pharmacy.
Bring a large towel.


After introduction (see above).
Wata by appointment

To bring with you : swimsuit, bikini. Large towel, slippers and bathrobe also available for hire in the swimming pool / wellness centre / private pool, …
Bottle of water (no glass).

You can start IN bath from 11:00 to 21:30.
Bath of your choice, to be discussed after introduction.

Prices WATA treatment  € 60.0 (basic price). 
The final price depends on the costs of renting a wellness bath and outfit,
during introduction. 


After introduction (see above).
Tantra by appointment.
€ 60,0 : Full body : 90 minuten.

Tantra can also be on location: at your home, in a nice place of your choice, …
Each massage is adapted to your personal wishes and limits: during the introduction you share your  wishes and clearly indicate your limits.

For clarification and to avoid misunderstandings: no sex.

See you soon,