Two warm hands massage you in a long and pleasant way. Your worries and stress slowly disappear. Relaxing your body and mind. Negative  feelings are flying away and your muscles are relaxing. With renewed energy and filled with happiness you step back into the world 

Massage can take place in a heated room, on a fouton,
a massage table or a bed. In nature,
at the edge of a swimming pool, at your home, or …

A massage treatment happens in a heated room , on a fouton , massage table or on a bed. In nature, at the edge of a swimming pool, at your home, or…

The massage also has a positive effect on your health. Your oxytocine level rises, the hormone that provides your self-confidence and which we also call the “hormone of happiness”. The level of the stress hormone cortisol falls.

Due to the endorphins (produced by your brain), the massage has a pain-relieving effect. The endorphins also have a positive influence on your immune system, your mood and emotions. The massage stimulates your blood circulation, lowers your blood pressure, improves your lymphatic system and removes lactic acid from your muscles.

+ Do yourself a favour: see you soon!

To avoid any misunderstanding:
I massage you, you receive and so the massage i
clearly in one direction.
There is no sexual interaction between you and me.